people say i blog too much
I'm Kelsey, 18 years young. I dance, I take pictures of nature and myself, I watch way too many TV shows than I have time for, I watch way too many movies than I have time for, I love discovering new music, I shop online a lot, I like to read poetry and John Green novels, I might be obsessed with the history of WWII, I say, "That's what she said," a little too often, I wish I went to more concerts, I hate/love my family, I probably want to be in Disney World right now, I want to be a radiation oncologist after med school, I am currently in the process of begging my parents to take me to New York City, I hope to become a Zumba instructor in the near future, I make awful YouTube videos sometimes, I post tweets that usually only I think are funny, I am single and ready to mingle, I am a prude but still a hopeless romantic, I love listening to British alternative rock and indie pop, I spend too much time drinking Diet Coke and eating Red Vines, I am supermegafoxyawesomehot, I try to live the fourth, I am in the Ravenclaw house, I want to find the Jim to my Pam, I watch Jimmy Fallon a lot, and I want to thank God and also Jesus.
I feel celestial
a multi-fandom blog of happiness (mostly)